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Incredible Hulk 180 and 181  


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28/10/2019 1:25 pm  

CGC has finally decided to make a decision over the first appearance of Wolverine. It is generally known that Incredible Hulk 181 is the first full appearance of Wolverine. People have been arguing 180 for years as it is the more affordable copy, which is considered to be his first cameo appearance. Anyway, CGC has decided to take away the cameo on the label for Incredible Hulk 180 so it will say first appearance of Wolverine while 181 will say first full appearance of Wolverine. Grab Incredible Hulk 180 sooner rather than later as it is continuing to increase in value with this news. 

Generally a first appearance of first full appearance is when a character has interactions. A cameo is no interactions. Gambit's cameo and 1st full appearance also defy these rules, making for an even better argument than Incredible Hulk 180 and 181.

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