DC Versus Marvel  


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28/10/2019 1:37 pm  

DC under preformed on expectations of the Justice League of America movie. This has left DC to focus on individual movies for their characters rather than big crossovers and team-ups like we have seen successfully done by Marvel with all the Avengers movies. Marvel is going to continue going big as well as individual movies. This gives Marvel an edge over DC in terms of making movies so both companies will have to keep making them if they want to compete with each other. All comic movies are great for comic book fans as it also gives a chance to younger generations to become interested in collecting comics. I definitely love having all the comic movies in my collection even if I know how they are different from the comics!

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28/10/2019 5:05 pm  

Totally agree with this Parker. I think that most of the movies that DC did were trying to "copy" the Marvel formula when that is next to impossible as its the product of many things. But once they have started to focus on singular titles we see that the strength of the brand is still there. I am excited to see what is coming in the future. 

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