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The Second Dr. Strange Movie  


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This movie will be used along with Scarlett Witch being in it to explain the multi-verse in the MCU and to introduce the more dark, supernatural, and horror elements to set up the Blade movie in the MCU as well as whatever direction they decide to go with Ghost Rider and even X-Men due to the Scartlett Witch's appearance. This will be an interesting movie to see how they set up the other elements for future characters. Ghost Rider was scrapped on Hulu for this setup yet I haven't heard anything different about Damien Hellstrom, the Son of Satan, which along with Ghost Rider is/was supposed to appear on Hulu as Disney is the majority owner of the service so time will tell on what Kevin Feige decides as the head of Marvel tv, movies, and comics. This is mainly to let horror fans know that Marvel is working on this area in tv and movies so the main horror comic heroes will go up in value and continue to as more gets revealed.

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